Elementor Widgets

Elementor is packed with 28 useful widgets split into several categories in the panel. Elementor also displays all the registered WordPress widgets in a separate category in the panel.

Elementor widgets are created by extending the Widget_Base abstract class. Each widget has a set custom controls (input fields), and a render function that generates the output in the front-end and in the editor.

Widget Categories

Elementor widgets are organize by groups in the panel:

Label Name Package Description
Basic basic Elementor A category for basic widgets.
Pro pro-elements Elementor Pro A category for advanced widgets.
Theme theme-elements Elementor Pro A category for theme widgets.
WooCommerce woocommerce-elements Elementor Pro A category for WooCommerce widgets.
General general Elementor A category for general widgets.
{{Custom}}  {{Extensions}} Custom categories added by external developers.
Pojo pojo Pojo Themes A category for displaying Pojo widgets.
WordPress wordpress WordPress A category for displaying WordPress widgets.

Elementor Widgets

Elementor Widgets

As mentioned above, Elementor comes with a set of widgets organized in the following categories:

Basic Widgets

  • Columns – Create inner columns within the column.
  • Heading – Add eye-catching headlines.
  • Image – Control the size, opacity and other settings of images.
  • Text Editor – A WYSIWYG text editor, just like the WordPress editor.
  • Video – Add YouTube \ Vimeo to your page.
  • Button – Controlling every aspect of the button design.
  • Divider – A line that divides different elements in the page.
  • Spacer – A space that divides the various elements.
  • Google Maps – Embed maps into the page.
  • Icon – Place one or more of 600+ icons available.

General Widgets

  • Image Box – A box that includes image, headline and text.
  • Icon Box – Works the same as the image box, only with icons.
  • Image Gallery – Displays your images in an aligned grid.
  • Image Carousel – A rotating carousel or slider of chosen images.
  • Icon List – A bullet list with any chosen icon and text.
  • Counter – Show stats and numbers in an escalating manner.
  • Progress Bar – Include an escalating progress bar.
  • Testimonials – Customer testimonials that show social proof.
  • Tabs – Vertical or horizontal tabs that display different pieces of content.
  • Accordion – A collapsible display of content.
  • Toggle – Like Accordion, for FAQ pages.
  • Social Icons – Icons to your social pages like Facebook / Twitter.
  • Alert – A colored alert box to draw the attention of the visitor.
  • Audio – Add audio bits from SoundCloud.
  • Shortcode – Easily insert shortcodes from any plugin into the page.
  • HTML – Insert code into the page.
  • Menu Anchor – Link any menu to this anchor.
  • Sidebar – Add any sidebar into the page.

WordPress Widgets

  • WordPress – Display all registered WordPress widgets.

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