# Building Addons

Elementor Core Basic

Elementor addons are basically WordPress plugins that add functionality to Elementor. Before you start creating Elementor addons, you need a background in creating WordPress plugins. Afterwards, you need to learn the basics of how Elementor addons are built.

# WordPress Plugins

WordPress (opens new window) has a very extendable code base. It lets anyone extend core functionality by using plugins. For in-depth information check out the Plugin Handbook (opens new window), which is part of the WordPress Developer Resources (opens new window).

# Elementor Addon

When creating Elementor addons, you should implement all WordPress coding standards and best practices. In addition, you should follow the Elementor standards and best practices as outlined on this site.

To start creating an Elementor addon, you first need to build a simple WordPress plugin focused on Elementor, using the following information:

# What's Next?

When you finish building a wrapper, you can start extending Elementor components. Check out the following tutorials for details and examples of how you can extend individual components:

Of course these are just some of the ways you can extend Elementor.