# Elementor CLI

Elementor Core Advanced

Elementor integrates with WP-CLI (opens new window), enabling you to run certain Elementor tasks via the command line interface, without using a web browser.

# What is WordPress CLI?

WP-CLI is a command line interface for WordPress (opens new window). It offers an alternative to the WordPress admin bar. Using the command line makes it easier for developers, agencies and hosting providers to run actions with fewer clicks, run them remotely, and even perform complex scripts based on certain conditions.

# What is Elementor CLI?

Elementor CLI is a set of commands integrated into WP-CLI to allow developers to run certain Elementor tasks from the command line.

# Syntax

CLI commands syntax:

wp elementor <command> [--argument]


wp elementor-pro <command> [--argument]

# Available Commands

Currently, the following Elementor commands are available:

# Help

To view a list of all available Elementor commands via the command line, use the wp help command.

For information about an individual command, use the following format:

wp help elementor <command>


wp help elementor-pro <command>