# The Docs Website

Elementor Core Basic

In order to further support and encourage the developer community, Elementor has created this updated and revised docs center where developers can access detailed documentation, clearly explaining how Elementor works and the options it provides developers.

# Using this Documentation

The documentation contained in this site includes descriptions of Elementor concepts and components, how they work and how they can be modified. With this information you should be able to create your own addons within a short period of time.

# Docs Structure

The top navigation bar is divided into three main areas:

Within the sections describing Elementor’s components, you’ll often find tutorials instructing you on how to create your own addons, walking you through each step. Feel free to copy this code, modifying it for your needs.

# Learning with Code Examples

At the end of each topic, you’ll find code examples of full addons displaying how to use what you’ve learned about the topic to create your own addon. You can then take these addons and copy them to use in your own projects or as a starting point to create original addons.

# Contributing to the Docs

This documentation platform uses a static site generator built using markdown pages (*.md files). If you find an error or would like to contribute to and improve the documentation, use the “Edit this page on Github” link which is located at the bottom of every page.

Of course we cannot commit to implementing all your suggestions. Comments will go through a review process before being added to the documentation.