# What is an Elementor addon?

Elementor Core Basic

Before you start planning and developing your Elementor addon, it’s important to understand what addons are and how they fit into Elementor. Addons are a way third party developers can extend the Elementor’s functionality, add new features, integrate external services, customize workflow and more.

# Addons in the Market

Some examples of addons currently available from the market:

  • Collections of professionally designed templates.
  • New toolkits that let users build dynamic architectures.
  • Lead collection addons that send information from Elementor forms directly to the users’ CRM.
  • Extensions that provide users with attractive and improved sliders for their sites.
  • Visibility addons that let users hide or show different elements based on various criteria (dates, whether or not the visitor is logged in, etc.).
  • Post widgets that allow users to customize the presentation of their content.
  • Addons that integrate interactive elements.

# Elementor Core vs. Addons

In essence, Elementor has developed into a strong framework. This framework, in turn, supports third party addons which serve to solve specific needs not answered by Elementor itself. While some developers developed niche features, others took it to the next level, reinventing existing elements and integrating new functionalities.

# Addon Ideas

As you can see from the above list, the possibilities for creating new addons are almost endless. There are opportunities for developers to create advanced widgets, form integrations, dynamic tags, animations, extensions for lead collection, custom fonts and font icons, sophisticated sliders, mega menus, visibility functionality and more. Have your own idea for a cool addon? You can start here (opens new window), by building your first addon.