# Elementor Components

Elementor Core Basic

Elementor contains numerous components developers can modify to extend Elementor’s capabilities. This section contains a list of components currently covered by this documentation.

# Available Components

Below is a list of Elementor components, along with a short description and links to more in-depth information:

  • Widgets

    Elementor contains dozens of useful widgets in the widgets panel. Developers can create their own widgets, introducing advanced functionality not currently present in Elementor.

  • Controls

    Elementor Controls are input fields and UI elements used to construct an interface. Developers can customize the available settings and change the design in the editor’s preview area.

  • Dynamic Tags

    Dynamic Tags are used to insert customized data based on various sources. Addon developers can create a wide range of dynamic tags, and even use external APIs to pull data to Elementor.

  • Form Actions

    Form actions are tasks taken after a visitor has submitted form data. An action can send the form data by email, redirect to a different page, or send the data to an external service.

  • Form Fields

    Form fields help users to create web forms using the Elementor Form widget. Addon developers can extend the dozens of built-in field types to add new field types.

  • Themes Conditions

    The theme builder uses a condition-based mechanism to display template. The mechanism cover the native WordPress Template Hierarchy, but developers can add additional conditions.

  • Themes Locations

    The theme builder transformed Elementor from a page builder to a full site builder. Theme developers can make their themes “Elementor compatible” with theme locations.

  • Context Menu

    When editing elements in the preview area, right clicking an element accesses actions that can be applied via a context menu. Custom actions can be added to these context menus.

  • Finder

    The finder offers easy access to many pages and settings on the site. Developers can extend the finder, adding and removing items and categories.

# More Components

As Elementor grows, we will be adding documentation for more components. This is part of our fundamental commitment to encourage and support third-party developers. As part of this process, we are doing everything possible to simplify our codebase, making it easier for external developers to implement their ideas within the Elementor infrastructure.