# Context Menu Groups

Elementor Core Basic

Context menu popups contain several groups divided by a separator. Each group contains a number of actions - groups are only displayed if they have at least one action.

# Group Object

An Elementor context menu is basically a JS array of group objects. Each group object has two properties:

const group = {
	name: '',
	actions: [],
  • Group Name - A unique ID used in the code.
  • Group Actions - An array of action objects.

# Available Groups

The built-in context menu groups for elements (section, column and widget) include:

  • General (general) - actions to edit the elements (e.g. duplicate).
  • Add (addNew) - actions to add new items to the element.
  • Clipboard (clipboard) - actions to copy, paste, paste style etc.
  • Save (save) - actions to save as a global widget or save as a template.
  • Tools (tools) - actions to open tools (e.g. navigator).
  • {Custom} - actions added by external developers.
  • Delete (delete) - actions to delete elements.

# Groups By Element Type

Below are the default groups displayed in each element:

# Section

Section Context Menu
  • General
  • Clipboard
  • Save
  • Tools
  • Delete

# Column

Column Context Menu
  • General
  • Add
  • Clipboard
  • Tools
  • Delete

# Widget

Widget Context Menu
  • General
  • Clipboard
  • Save
  • Tools
  • Delete

# Manage Groups

To add, update or delete custom groups, you need to use the JavaScript elements/context-menu/groups filter hook. Please keep in mind that this hook doesn't change any built-in groups added by Elementor, it only allows external developers to add and modify new groups.