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Elementor has now updated the way it handles URLs in the URL control.

From v2.9.11 and on, Elementor will use the use wp_allowed_protocols() function to handle allowed URI protocols in links. These protocols are often used to create a deep-link (i.e. a direct link to an app via unique protocol) to a 3rd party application (such as mailto: or tel:)

This means that from this version, only protocols allowed by this WordPress function will be available.

Examples of allowed URI protocols: mailto:, tel:, sms:, etc…

If you wish to add another protocol to your website, you will need to alter the function that retrieves the list of allowed protocols, and add your own protocol.

function allow_additional_protocol( $protocols ){
     $protocols[] = 'my-protocol';
     return $protocols;
add_filter( 'kses_allowed_protocols' , 'allow_additional_protocol' );


Shilo Eish Yemini
Shilo Eish Yemini
Shilo is Elementor’s Editor Product Lead. He loves innovative products, pays attention to the small details, and is passionate about solving puzzles.

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  1. Tried adding BTC protocol this way and the result is that in the “list” widget no matter the “Allow function” it just doesn’t work!

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