Elementor v3.2

Breakpoint System Changes in Elementor v3.2.0

As we have published several months ago, we have been working on releasing a highly requested feature – additional custom breakpoints. Core 3.2.0 is another milestone in the road to achieve this goal AND achieve better performance overall in Elementor sites as part of the process. As detailed in our recent blog post, step one of our roadmap is:

Convert hard-coded usage of breakpoints (tablet, mobile, default) to a dynamic system that will utilize registered breakpoints (the two existing ones + future Additional Custom Breakpoints).

In essence, these changes, as well as a lot of UI changes and additions as listed in step 2, are all included in Elementor Core 3.2.0.

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Elementor v3.2: Additional DOM Improvements

In Elementor v3.0, we made the first step in optimizing the HTML output of Elementor pages. One of the steps in v3.0 was removing 3 wrapper elements from the Editor’s DOM output: .elementor-inner, .elementor-row, and .elementor-column-wrap.

The Optimized DOM Output feature is optional, and is configured as an Elementor Experiment. The two new wrappers being removed are also included within this experiment and will only be actually removed from a website’s markup if the experiment is active in that website.

In Elementor v3.2.0, we are continuing our optimization efforts and removing two more wrappers:

  • .elementor-image
  • .elementor-text-editor
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v3.2: Planned Deprecations

Hey all! We are getting ready to release versions 3.2.

If you are a developer who extends Elementor please review the below changes to keep your plugin up and running.

Here are the planned deprecations:


Functions & Methods

Soft Deprecation

When a function/method is in the soft deprecation phase, it means that the function/method will still work while it’s in this phase, but a comment will be placed in the code mentioning the upcoming deprecation.

Function / Method NameChanges Made


Core Plugin
Replaced by:
Plugin::$instance->documents->get( $post_id )->is_built_with_elementor()

Located in: includes/db.php

Hard deprecation Version: 3.6.0

Deletion version: 4.0.0
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