Elementor v3.1

New Experiment: Optimized Asset Loading Mode

In the upcoming Elementor v3.1.0, we created a new “Improved Asset Loading” mode, which reduces the amount of JS code loaded on the page by default. When activated, parts of the infrastructure code will be loaded asynchronously, only when needed.

Which Functionalities Already Support the New Improved Asset Loading Mode?

1. Widget JS Handlers

Up to Elementor v3.1.0, all widget handlers were loaded to every page by default, regardless of whether they are actually used on the page.

Starting in Elementor v3.1.0, when the “Improved Asset Loading” mode is active, each widget will dynamically load its handler, only when being used on the page.

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A New Method For Attaching A JS Handler To An Element

In Elementor 3.1.0 version, we created a new method for attaching a JS handler to an element.

Up to Elementor 3.1.0, in order to attach a JS handler, we used a hook called addAction, and passed a function to it (addHandler):

const addHandler = ( $element ) => {
	elementorFrontend.elementsHandler.addHandler( ElementHandlerClass, {
	} );
elementorFrontend.hooks.addAction( 'frontend/element_ready/your-element-name.default', addHandler );

For more details, see here.

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New Developers Feature – Compatibility Tag

As part of its being an open-source project, Elementor includes an extensive developers API, enabling the creation of a vast eco-system of 3rd party extensions that build on and enhance Elementor’s capabilities.

However, there are aspects of Elementor’s codebase that are not officially exposed and/or documented in our Developer Docs. From time to time, 3rd party extension developers utilize code from Elementor’s codebase which has not been officially exposed and documented. 

This can cause problems for Elementor users who also use such extensions, in cases where such 3rd party developers do not use Elementor’s code as intended, or fail to update their extensions to make them compatible with the latest versions of Elementor and/or Elementor Pro. In some cases, such incompatibilities also result in complaints to Elementor’s support department about issues that were not directly caused by our plugins.

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v3.1: Planned Deprecations

Hey all! We are getting ready to release version 3.1.

If you are a developer who extends Elementor please review the below changes to keep your plugin up and running.

Here are the planned deprecations:


Functions & Methods

Soft Deprecation

When a function/method is in the soft deprecation phase, it means that the function/method will still work while it’s in this phase, but a comment will be placed in the code mentioning the upcoming deprecation.

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