Elementor 3.4

Additional Custom Breakpoints – Technical Details and Gotchas

As you may recall, at the end of 2020 we released a blog post detailing The Road to Additional Custom Breakpoints. Last April, we published another blog post discussing advancements made in Elementor v3.2.0 in order to reach the additional breakpoints goal.

The last step in the roadmap as stated in the blog post linked above, was:

Change the way responsive controls are registered, created and utilized, into a more efficient structure.

We are happy to announce that this phase has been completed in Elementor 3.4.0, and in this upcoming version, we will be introducing the long-awaited “Additional Custom Breakpoints” feature!

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v3.4: Planned Deprecations

Hey all! We are getting ready to release version 3.4.

If you are a developer who extends Elementor please review the below changes to keep your plugin up and running.

Here are the planned deprecations:

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