Elementor Pro 2.7: New Approach to WooCommerce mini-cart

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Starting Pro v2.7, Elementor adds its own mini-cart template. Instead of having the Menu Cart widget print the mini-cart markup, we are introducing a new mini-cart template that will be used by the Elementor Menu Cart widget. This change doesn’t affect the majority of our users.

Want to revert to your theme’s mini-cart template instead of Elementor’s?
You can disable the Elementor mini-cart markup and keep using the custom mini-cart template.

In order to disable Elementor mini-cart template simply go to your Dashboard > Elementor > Settings > Integrations tab > WooCommerce section and choose Disable.


Ohad Raz
Ohad Raz

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  1. How can I open the mini cart when somebody click on the add to cart button or is there some javasscript code?

  2. I am trying to edit elementor’s mini cart but I am not being successful.
    I have edited the minic-cart.php in elementor-pro\modules\woocommerce\wc-templates\cart\
    But the changes do not take effect on my website

  3. How to design our own mini cart.
    Whatever I do, my mini-cart is same, if I disable it in Elementor settings or not, I keep getting messed up mini-cart, how can I change mini cart design?

  4. In Elementor 3.5.7 this options does not disable all the interference with astra theme mini cart. Some css classes are still used. Cand you check why when we select from Setting > Integrations, Mini Cart Template to disable, it does not stop all the functions, actions, filters, and what is there?

  5. Got it working. This function actually works fine, but you need to make sure that you test in a new browser window/session, due to the way the mini cart is loaded. Might be worth mentioning this

  6. This didn’t work. I am using Generatepress, and Elementor is still hijacking the mini cart.
    I cleared the cache, used a different browser, incognito mode, etc. Didn’t work.

  7. I just installed new wordpress, elementor & Elementor pro, but this mini cart is not working properly, I want to make it disable, but when I hit save button it refreshes the page andstill not updating.

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