Elementor is Officially Dropping Support for Internet Explorer in v3.0

Elementor officially supported Internet Explorer 11 for front-end display (excluding the Editor) up until version 3.0. Starting from Elementor 3.0.0, it will no longer officially support IE 11 at all, not even for front-end display.

Why are we doing it?

Web standards and technology are constantly evolving, providing web developers with more features and better technology for creating websites and web applications. Modern Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and even Edge (now Chromium-based), are constantly evolving with it, constantly being updated and improved upon. Do you know what’s not evolving, at all? Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer browser is old and outdated, and even Microsoft themselves say that using Internet Explorer is highly unrecommended. In addition, less than 3% of web traffic comes from IE browsers.

Why now?

Elementor has been already gradually introducing new widgets and features that utilize Modern web technologies and tools such as CSS Grid and CSS variables. In order to provide our users with a better experience using Elementor, as well as the ability to build faster, better-performing websites with more advanced features, it was inevitable that we would have to drop IE support completely, in order to proceed in the right direction.

How does this affect me?

If you or your target audience don’t really use Internet Explorer, this should not affect you at all.

However, If your target audience includes a large portion of Internet Explorer users, it might be a good idea to consider holding off on upgrading Elementor and Elementor Pro to v3.0.0 until you’ve made sure you have solutions that enable your site visitors to use your website conveniently.

Users who already upgraded don’t need to worry, simply use Version Control tool to downgrade back to an earlier version and everything should work as it used to.


Shilo Eish Yemini
Shilo Eish Yemini
Shilo is Elementor’s Editor Product Lead. He loves innovative products, pays attention to the small details, and is passionate about solving puzzles.

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  1. This seems like a good step. It would be great if you include an option to display a simple browser upgrade notice to all IE users (rather than the site just looking broken)- any plans for that?

    1. I agree with James ^^^ We need a way to notify users with some sort of error page, basically telling them that browsing our sites with an outdated browser will not be possible. I hate that people can view my *broken* site on an outdated browser. I’d really like to see something like this implemented asap please please.

    2. I agree!
      Just had an issue around this with a client, she was not convinced and asked that I fix it. 🙂

  2. While I am all for moving the state of the art forward, unfortunatley, there are a lot of our Japanese clients’ websites that still get a lot of IE 11 traffic. I did a spot check, some sites (like ours) are as low as 0.5% of total users. Other sites in the Japanese B2B space, such as manufacturing, have a much greater % of IE users. Most are around 3-5%, but the largest I saw was 15%.

    My only wish is that Elementor will degrade gracefully in such circumstances. And please document the features that will not work in IE, so we can work around them.

    Jeff Crawford
    Zo Digital Japan

  3. thanks to this blog
    I was struggling with my home page design display in IE now I see why !
    its because IE is not Elementor friendly

    Thank you

  4. I understand your move but our company utilizes IE so it stinks that we can’t get updates. We would have to redo our entire site without Elementor.

  5. I understand why they would stop supporting IE but this platform is used to develop loads of sites that will need to render properly in IE until it’s completely phased out. Good move, but too soon. Now I have to find a way to patch an entire site in IE…

  6. Well, this sucks. There are big orgaisations (like the government) which still use IE. I wish there was at least an option to maybe at least enable basic CSS so that at least things like background colors would be working so the site is usable.

  7. I created my own notification to help with this…

    I created an elementor popup notification explaining the user is viewing on an old browser and suggesting they use Chrome or Firefox to get the best experience.

    I then set the trigger as show on browsers > Internet Explorer and Edge

    Hope this helps!

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