Elementor 2.8: New Color Picker

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Elementor 2.8.0 is just around the corner and with it, we are introducing a new Color Picker control and parting from the trusty old Iris color picker.

By doing so, we are removing all wpColorPicker assets:

  • Iris.js
  • wp-color-picker.js
  • wp-color-picker-alpha.js

Including all of their dependencies.

Other than that we are deprecating the elementor.helpers.wpColorPicker() method and it will probably won’t work as expected anymore.

So if you did call it directly for some reason (why would you do that??) you need to either update your code to work with the new color picker or enqueue the removed assets yourself.


Ohad Raz
Ohad Raz

2 Responses

  1. I like the new color picker, but where can we find detailed docs to access diagrammatically?

    For example, how could one reference the saved the swatches array?

  2. Hello, amazing Elementor team.

    I am a Web developer a member of Elementor PRO and I have created many plugins and themes for elementor and I have seen that they have launched a new color picker recently, please I would like to indicate how to embed that color picker in the different parts of WordPress for example in the color fields within the WP Customizer and in the WP-Admin Metabox.

    We want to replace the WP default color widget, with its Color Picker.

    I look forward to technical, thank you very much.

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