Official Elementor Developer Resources


The developers docs is a great place to learn how to extend Elementor, creating addons and extensions.


Elementor has several components that you should know about before you start developing for Elementor.

Code Reference

Search Elementor code reference to learn what’s going on inside the page builder  core files.

Actions & Filters

See more examples on how to use the different Elementor actions and filters.

Elementor Pro

Extra tutorials on how you can extend different Elementor Pro component.

Get Involved

Visit Elementor GitHub repository to contribute code and suggest new ideas.

More Resources

Additional resources to help you get started

Important Note: The content in the official resource center documented with Elementor 2.0+ in mind. Some tutorial and/or code examples won’t work on Elementor 1.x versions. Please consider that fact when you need to choose the “Minimum Required Elementor Version” required to run your plugin/theme.