Mini Tutorial: Custom Dynamic Tag

Last week our Education department released a video tutorial showing how you can use the Dynamic User Picture and Dynamic Number Tags added in Elementor Pro 2.7

And after getting tens of questions and requests:

We decided to share this little Custom Dynamic Tag that lets you set the ACF Number fields you want to calculate the average of.

Please note: that this is an example custom code snippet that comes with no support or guarantee and it is your responsibility to make sure it has no bad side-effects, meaning: Use at Your Own Risk!

Simply copy this into your functions.php and or custom plugin file and you should be set to go:

// custom Custom_Avg_Tag dynamic tag
add_action( 'elementor/dynamic_tags/register_tags', function( $dynamic_tags ) {
	class Custom_ACF_Avg_Tag extends \Elementor\Core\DynamicTags\Tag {

		public function get_name() {
			return 'Custom_ACF_Avg_Tag';

		public function get_categories() {
			return [ 'number' ];

		public function get_group() {
			return [ 'site' ];

		public function get_title() {
			return 'ACF Average';

		protected function _register_controls() {
					'label' => __( 'Fields', 'text-domain' ),
					'type' => 'text',

		public function render() {
			$fields = $this->get_settings( 'fields' );
			$sum = 0;
			$count = 0;
			$value = 0;

			// Make sure that ACF if installed and activated
			if ( ! function_exists( 'get_field' ) ) {
				echo 0;

			foreach ( explode( ',', $fields ) as $index => $field_name ) {
				$field = get_field( $field_name );
				if ( (int) $field > 0 ) {
					$sum += (int) $field;

			if ( 0 !== $count ) {
				$value = $sum / $count;

			echo $value;
	$dynamic_tags->register_tag( 'Custom_ACF_Avg_Tag' );
} );

This simply adds a new dynamic Tag named “ACF Average”:

computed ACF dynamic field

And to use it, you enter the ACF field names you want to calculate their average, separated by a comma “,”:

computed ACF dynamic field


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One Response

  1. I would like to thank you for providing this custom code snippet to add an ACF Average field! This is super useful, and I’m already putting it to work.

    However, I would like to note that I made one modification for my own purposes — rounding off the number so I didn’t end up with numbers like 68.33333333333%, messing up the aesthetic.

    Line 71:
    echo round($value,0);

    This is the only change I made, and wanted to share it with everyone that wants to keep their numbers looking nice!

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