Register Widget Controls

Each widget needs to add his own controls which are basically the fields where the user select his custom data. This data is saved in the database and later it is used to generate custom output based on user selection. We need to add controls to the widget using the _register_controls() method.

Register Controls Method

All the controls are added to the widget using the _register_controls() method.

class Elementor_Test_Widget extends \Elementor\Widget_Base {

	protected function _register_controls() {






Available Control Types

Elementor has three types of controls that can be added to the widget:

  • Regular Control – a single control, added using add_control() method.
  • Group Control – several controls grouped together, added using add_group_control() method.
  • Responsive Control – a control that sets different values for different screen sizes (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile). Added using add_responsive_control() method.

Each control needs to be registered inside a control section. But in addition, they can be arranged in the Panel under control tabs or control popovers:

  • Control Section – a wrapper for controls, added using start_controls_section() and end_controls_section() methods.
  • Control Tabs – arrange controls under tabs, added using start_controls_tabs() and ens_controls_tabs() methods.
  • Control Popovers – toggle popover control, added using start_popover() and end_popover() methods.

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